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"Sienna Cafe Store and Cafe didn't begin as a business venture or a means to generate income; it was rooted in the concept of providing nourishment for the soul," says Shanta Ghosh, Co-founder of the establishment. The journey commenced with a ceramic workshop guided by the renowned sculptor Prabhash Sen, a friend and colleague. In the picturesque Daronda village of Shantiniketan, skilled clay artisans dedicated their days to crafting intricate pieces.
This artistic endeavor caught the keen interest of Shanta's daughter, Sulagna, who inherited her mother's appreciation for art and diverse crafts. Reflecting on her mother's influence, Sulagna states, "My mother has consistently been the driving force behind my willingness to nurture and work with the crafts of bengal. With Sienna, I get to see my small dream slowly get a shape.”



Meet Shuli, a true-blue Calcuttan. Growing up in the cultural haven, she was practically raised in a household that breathed art and fostered creativity. No wonder she always knew her happy place would be in the world of creative design. After completing her university degree in the US,  armed with a global outlook, Shuli’s innate passion for design found itself drawn to her mother's pottery workshop in Santiniketan.  
Shuli understands that breaking down cultural boundaries and prejudices is the key to fostering collaboration among artisans specializing in different forms. Now, with Sienna storefronts gaining popularity in Kolkata, Shuli is focused on paving the way for these gifted artisans. It's not just about showcasing their products; it's about bringing them to the bustling metropolitan marketplace, all while keeping a keen eye on infusing these classic art forms with a dose of functionality, breathing new life into them.


The maestro of all things operations at Sienna. Whether he's orchestrating the team with precision at the workshop or ensuring the cafe runs like a finely tuned machine, Rewant is the go-to guy for seamless proceedings. A true Mumbaikar at heart, Rewant's MBA background found its perfect craft match at a Kolkata startup, and he decided to make the city his own. The vibrant energy of Kolkata captured this young, passionate heart, and he decided to call it home. Soon enough, Sienna entered the scene, and in 2016, Rewant crossed paths with Shuli. By 2019, he was fully immersed in the Sienna world, bringing his operational prowess to the forefront. While most days see him diving into the nitty-gritty, Rewant's creative flair shines through in the store's playlist and social media planning. He's not just the king of operations; he's the secret sauce behind Sienna's vibe. Next time you swing by, you might catch a glimpse of Rewant's groove in the store playlist, adding that extra touch of cool to your Sienna experience.