our story



at Sienna, our journey originates from a deep appreciation for the essence of Bengal. named after the colour of the local red soil / রাঙামাটি of Santiniketan, Sienna was born out of a deep appreciation for the rich craft heritage that Bengal fosters



our creative nerve centre is in Daronda village, Santiniketan, about 200 km from Calcutta, surrounded by lush greenery, where since 1993 talented artisans from the surrounding area have spent their days peacefully moulding handmade earthenware. driven by a passion to safeguard and revitalize traditional crafts, we expanded our efforts. a textile printing studio now resides in our workshop, where our dedicated team employs batik, tie-dye, and block printing techniques on handloom textiles. 



collaborating with skilled weavers & craftspeople from various corners of Bengal, we bring forth designs that pay homage to the region's artistic diversity. our horizons now run from Nadia to Medinipur, covering the various parts of Bardhamaan, Malda, Murshidabad, Birbhum, Hooghly and Howrah. 



this website marks our endeavour to showcase the rich crafts and skilled craftspeople of Bengal on a global platform. since our inception, you have been an integral part of our journey, bearing witness to our journey for over two decades. with this our aim is to bring a slice of the Sienna experience to your doorstep. thank you for being part of our story; we can't wait to share the Sienna love with you, wherever you are.